Why casino streamers win so much in slot machines

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There are a lot of questions just about the winnings of the strings. Players get upset when they feel about the size and frequency of winnings, and many of them are convinced that the casino is twisting the slots for its players. After all, when players themselves play on their own money, they do not get x1 000 – x5 000, and often progoryut without great vigrawls and splashes of dispersion.
Players, themselves without realizing it, add additional statistical information about the work of the human brain when watching the strings, even before forming a strong dependence on the game:

Experienced players will confirm that the game dependence begins with a very big win. The brain fixes this moment and under the influence of adrenaline it literally disappears into the player’s memory. After that, the player loses a lot more than he won, but in every match he will expect the very same win.

Watching the casino scenes, the viewers already form a dependence in their heads. They experience emotions together with the player and are already ready to gamble. They are great at remembering all the great winnings of the players, but the memory is diligently lost all the games, creating the impression that the players only play and practically never play. For zakrilennya dependence spectators strimsnobhono only want very big win themselves, after which, zistribnut gambling, not zakynchivaya perezvidcheniya casino strims, will be extremely difficult. And if the player is registered in one of the online casinos, where it is impossible to block the rahunk – bingo. The player gambles all that he has and some of the money on credit and mfos.

Statistics of casino games

Vitus several times at the casino support team asked about the overall statistics of his account and get the data on the progreshi large amounts. In other words, the illusion of winnings is formed by the peculiarities of perception and our memory. The statistics of the game is the same as that of ordinary players. The difference is that when you receive notes or payments for games, the poker players can allow themselves to play these sums, but the regular players can’t.

There is a theory that such supercasinos as SlotV and Playfortuna, fully able to create a server with pirated slot machines and give access there only to the extremists. You can do it not only to get huge winnings and more quick zombuvannya audience of commenters, but also to accrue any number of counters and allow their commenters to play at high stakes and lure more audience. The problem of all fantokrutiv in so-called royalty in slots licenses. Casinos pay 13-20 vidsotkiv in prograshiv all slot vyrobotiv. Diligent Rizak or Danludan, progrivshi 100 000 fantikiv, bring company in³d 13 000 to 20 000 direct costs. This is the reason that the casino does not give an unlimited number of phantoms to all the players.
No online casino can not intrude in the gaming process in the licensed software and entice the player to program or win – the fact. Can the casino create a fake server with pirated slot machines? Sure they can. Create a fully-identical slot, which in nothing will not differ and vivaluat in pablik direct proof of a game on this slot – that’s their idea. But on the condition that each of the spokespeople of the provider will be able to see whether there were bets in the licensed slot. Risks are quite high because of the high probability that in the future the operator will receive a heavy fine and undermine the reputation, if it will be spoiled.

The strings in the volcanoes and mullions.

It is important to understand that everything described above is true for online casinos, which viririzovuyut licensed software. The remaining time on the eyes came across a lot of videos from the volcano with great vigrazhami. This all crazy scam and єdina meta these videos – zaluchanyya lohiv in scripts volcanoes without a chance to win.

Fake casino servers for strimmers

For the strimmers game in the casino – it’s work. It does not matter, they play for funnies, or on real money, which they paid the casino for the game, or have already grown to the point that the income from affiliate partners are able to cover all the programs for high stakes. They are trying to watch for a few years several times a day, continuously playing fast back, gaining a great distance. Insanely, periodically they will win. At the same time, often catching a large multiplication of high stakes. It is this very moment fiks your brain during revision, and formed the illusion that the casino always win, if you make a lot of deposits. And watching the strings, the viewer is firmly convinced that the casino can make a lot of money pressing the button spins. In general, the model described – this is one of the main reasons for the high envelope and the lure of a large number of players just from the casino.

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