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Chill+Ambitious is the media voice of Olivia Chow and Noel Rohayem. Together they make ONO. They met on the 9 to 5 grind and happened to click. They realized that they saw the world in the same way and wanted everyone else to see it too. They are here to explore and share all the beautiful possibilities.

olivia chow2O: Asks strangers for perspectives and travels internet wormholes collecting data. She’s a trend marketer and reporter. How did she get into the business of predicting the future? Although O has a Political Science degree, she chose fashion over running for office as her transport for change. Through apprenticeships she lands design gig after gig and notices her ability to spot trends sets her apart. This skill is driven by her fascination with everything and being able to connect the dots. O satisfies this thirst by focusing on trend forecasting and giving herself the license to cover the influence of any industry, including her social and environmental passions.

oliviay chowNO: Works in fashion and has held a gamut of differing positions that lend to her wide set of skills and interests. Having a background in sustainability, design, as well as trend and innovation has fed her need to understand the pixels that make up the bigger picture. Her greatest skill is in seeing the possibilities – in others as well as identifying the “white space” in our current structures.