S2.E27: Owning Opportunity

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Opportunities arise on the daily, without us even noticing. Recognizing and seizing these moments comes from being prepared for them when they appear. Slammin Sam Maxion started his DJ career by asking the right people and following it up with hard work, eventually transitioning into a hit making producer in the 90’s, and starting his own podcast. We talk promotion focus, giving back, and rejecting redundancy . Catch #OwningOpportunity.


DJ, Producer, Podcaster

Slammin Sam

Strengths: self-motivated, builds on skills he already has to explore new opportunities, values reputation

Unexpected Conclusion: opportunity is nurtured

Question You Didn’t Know Was Relevant #QYDKWR

Are you ready for opportunity? Are you making yourself available for opportunity to find you? Are you planning for it?


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