S2.E26: Building Momentum

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Luke Taylor is on a roll. He started Spark Prep, a college admissions coaching company, as a way to pay the bills while he worked on his creative endeavors like acting & producing music as DJ Lisan. This one-time side hustle gave Luke the opportunity to remind young people of their greatness, build business allover Asia, and realize that he can be a business owner while maintaining his ideals. Listen in as we learn how finding the “moment” in momentum and constant self-exploration are the keys to staying unstuck. Catch #BuildingMomentum


Founder of Spark Prep and Producer/DJ

Luke Taylor

“Momentum feels scary when our ego is wrapped up in it…because all of a sudden we’re risking our identity.”

Strengths: staying in the moment, checking when he needs to chill, and asking good questions

Unexpected Conclusion: building momentum requires being in the moment


Luke is a self-proclaimed audio nerd. Here is a track he produced from his curiosity.


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0:50 How does No get unstuck?

2:25 Luke Taylor founded and runs Admissions Coaching Business Sparkprep

4:18 Luke Taylor DJ and Producer

5:13 Success: Am I asking questions that I still find interesting?

10:21 Luke’s chill is being prepping food

12:27 Momentum is premised in the moment

13:48 Fear of momentum

17:20 Genius is not necessarily something we own

20:55 Sparkprep started as a side hustle and is now a vehicle to remind young people of their greatness

23:33 How radical Luke got to becoming a business person

27:59 Clients in SE Asia

29:47 Climbing out of a rut

32:37 Stephen King’s point of view on writer’s block

35:19 Building incrementally

38:05 Noticing when Luke needs to chill more

39:22 Focus on the small victory and shifting that energy into something positive.

41:25 Momentum is our natural state

45:42 Business person is something just I do

52:08 Need for money conflicted with vision of business

56:04 How Luke chooses a business partner based on value

1:01:50 Guilt and shame are habits

1:03:18 Life is a collaborative effort

1:06:30 Is Luke living his dream life?

1:08:18 Sacrificing the combative-ness

1:16:33 O+NO were fuckin up

1:24:15 QYDKWR: What goals you have that are intimidating you? How can you break them down into smaller pieces?


15:33 Elizabeth Gilbert – Big Magic

Elizabeth Gilbert – Big Magic

35:19 The Art of Momentum: Why Your Ideas Need Speed

38:26 Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

1:22:26 Couch to 5K


0:00 INTRO

Bill Nye – Great Moments in Momentum

Elvis Presley – Poison Ivy League

Hot Natured – Forward Motion

Kanye West – School Spirit

13:30 Mind Explosion- Adult Swim

20:42 Cazzette – Genius

25:38 That’s what I just said // Anna Akana

27:42 The Flying Lizards – Money

33:35 UGK- INTL Playas Anthem

35:12 MC Hammer – Gaining Momentum

41:59 Eydie Gorme- Don’t Try to FIght it Baby

47:40 Lil Dicky- Professional Rapper

55:01 Frank Ocean- Super Rich Kids

1:01:22 Pineapple Express- Lingerer

1:01:42 Drake- The Language

1:10:46 Radiohead – Karma Police

1:22:00 DJ Lisan SC

1:16:11 Chopin – Nocturne op.9 No.2

1:30:08 Diplo – California Soul (Remix)

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