S2.E25: Kink and Consciousness

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Mina McQueen really knows herself. She works for a tech company by day and runs her own dominatrix business (Kink and Consciousness) by night. By exploring all aspects of BDSM in her training, Mina pushes the boundaries of her own mind, and really solidifying who she is. Listen in as we talk about how she became a self-expert, adventures at Mistress Morgana Maye’s Maison de la Maitresse, and how discomfort can be a good thing. Catch #KinkandConsciousness.


Professional Dominatrix at Kink and Consciousness

Mina McQueen

“I wanted an exercise in overcoming fear.”

Strengths: serious curiosity, self-expertise, and ethical dominance

Unexpected Conclusion: preferences aren’t necessarily innate, they can be explored and nurtured.


Mina McQueen practices her BDSM with clients at Mistress Morgana Maye’s Maison de la Maitresse, which has been located in San Francisco’s historic Castro district for the past 20 years.



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0:56 Visit to Mistress Morgana Maye’s Maison de la Maitresse

6:07 How do you know what you want?

10:00 How did Mina McQueen get to starting her solo practice Kink & Consciousness?

13:06 What’s a top? What’s a bottom?

15:57 Safe words

17:20 Learning her kinks is like tuning a guitar

19:48 Using kink to face fears

22:33 Costs + privileges of being Mina McQueen

24:00 Finding clients and matching kinks

31:31 Unethical dominance in society is not called-out

32:40 Power dynamics at work

34:30 Mina gets better at reading her sub

38:44 Negotiating with n00bs vs. experienced players

42:43 What type of domme is Mina McQueen

44:22 Cleo DuBois’ Academy of S&M Arts

45:33 Piercing

51:37 Domme dreams and balancing life w/day job

56:20 Finding stillness in her daily life

59:43 fear is boring

59:43 Big Magic

1:02:40 What do you specifically admire about someone?

1:06:22 forced by ppl flake all the time (forced to be gay)

1:08:39 When is it okay to push boundaries in real life?

1:14:19 O + NO reflect on the conversation

1:24:29 QYDNWR: Do you have a mechanism in your life to confront your fears?


42:14 Scott Dismore https://www.ted.com/talks/scott_dinsmore_how_to_find_work_you_love?language=en#t-211755

44:22 Cleo DuBois’ Academy of S&M Arts


0:00 INTRO

Prince – Papa

Rihanna- S & M

Laurie Anderson- Only An Expert

Benny Bennassi- Satisfaction

5:52 Peaches- Fuck the Pain Away

11:17 Rihanna- S & M

15:31 Trina- Be R right

22:19 Porcelain Black- Curiousity

31:27 SB Stunts- Burner

25:34 Britney Spears – Slave

34:19 Arcade Fire – Soft Power

38:37 Lou Reed – Take a Walk on the Wild Side

47:54 Tech N9ne- Awkward

56:11 NIN – Closer

57:33 June Christy- Give Me the Simple Life

1:05:47 Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror

1:14:05 Beyonce- 6 Inch

1:28:30 Lil Kim – Big Momma Thang

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