S2.E24 Comic Cooperation

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Alex and Ray are partners in comics with a solid sense of their creative abilities. Their online comic series Buttersafe comes out twice a week, while they also work on long-form comics with the likes of Namco and Viewster (to name a few). Daily to-do lists differ greatly for these two, so constant and honest feedback is essential to this duo’s success. Listen in as we talk compliment sandwiches, getting critiqued by the internet, and whether or not butter is actually safe. Catch #ComicCooperation

LIFE INNOVATOR: Alex Culang + Raynato Castro

Comic artist and writers of Buttersafe Comics

Buttersafe Square

Strengths: workload divided by strengths, enjoy the process

Unexpected Conclusion: positive feedback can be confusing, say what you mean with kindness



Comics KING DEATH part 2


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6:00 where butter safe came from

13:06 Buttersafe is a one person production (at a time)

13:37 Rey tues & Alex thurs

14:10 King Death Omakase through Viewster

14:40 Ray outlines, A colors effects, background

20:15 compliment sandwich

21:00 critique from the whole world by putting it on the internet

24:15 vocalizing thoughts and concerns solidifies feelings and ideas

27:15 ray loves validation

31:00 the interaction can be pleasant even if the original result was a failure

35:30 how they made money

38:40 doing art as a money maker isn’t necessary

43:28: Rey trying not to screw things up vs building new

49:20 Alex doesn’t feel good unless he makes something every day

51:20 What kind of outside feedback do they use for their comics

1:01:00 http://buttersafe.com/2014/03/20/i-need-something-different/

1:01:50 Alex giving the troll feedback

1:03:00 Analytics

1:12:00 Buttersafe expo

A funny Ray Tuesday comic

QYDKWR: What is your feedback style? How do you like to receive info? Knowing this and advising the ppl you partner with can increase your trust and positivity in your relationship immensely


7:45 A Better Invention http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/08/14/1408007481860_wps_19_BNPS_co_uk_01202_558833_P.jpg

22:37 constantly giving feedback http://www.cambridge.org/elt/blog/2014/03/five-reasons-feedback-may-important-skill/

24:27 Douglas Stone- “Business and Feedback Communications”

26:10 feedback depends on culture

36:20 Katamari https://www.amazon.com/Katamari-1-Tp-Alex-Culang/dp/1927925266

52:26 Negative voices louder http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/climate_desk/2014/02/internet_troll_personality_study_machiavellianism_narcissism_psychopathy.html

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