S1.Ep11: Culinary Collaboration

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Our life innovator Yana Gibuena travels to new cities, states, & countries every week creating creating culinary delights through her pop-up dinners. This feat requires a ton of collaboration with strangers (or soon-to-be-friends) while she brings regional Filipino dishes to communities and raises money for victims of Typhoon Haiyan. We discover that delicious things happen when you take people out of their comfort zones.


Yana Gibuena Founder of the SALO Project

Yana Gibuena

Founder of the SALO Project, chef, marketer

Contact: [email protected]

Strengths: Brings positive energy to every situation, adapts easily to new situations, comfortable with discomfort

Unexpected conclusion: You are often not as powerless as you think when it comes to making a difference

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+ Giving back can be as simple as using what you already know

+ Collaboration keeps budgets low

+ Inspire others to work with you through a shared cause

+ We all have something in common

+ Use social media for networking…not just selfies

+ Sometimes the approach defines a product more than the results

+ Warmth can win over the most skeptical strangers

+ Appreciating the subtleties can keep life varied and exciting

+ Recognize that family extends to those you can trust

+ Pushing past the comfort zone opens up new opportunities

+ Do the work that’s worth doing

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