S2.E26: Building Momentum

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Luke Taylor is on a roll. He started Spark Prep, a college admissions coaching company, as a way to pay the bills while he worked on his creative endeavors like acting & producing music as DJ Lisan.... READ MORE

S2.E35: Tailored Travler

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Spending extensive amounts of time traveling around the world sounds like a dream to most, but with the right amount of planning, it can surely be a reality. Jia Lin is a freelancer who comes to New York to work, … Continued

S2.E34 Seeking Truth

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Joanna Fang is a sound designer and the first openly transgender person to win a Primetime Emmy. Mastering the art of Foley has allowed her to discover what it’s like to walk in others’ shoes and eventually led to her … Continued

S2.E24 Comic Cooperation

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Alex and Ray are partners in comics with a solid sense of their creative abilities. Their online comic series Buttersafe comes out twice a week, while they also work on long-form comics with the likes of Namco and Viewster (to name … Continued

S2.E20: Sustainable Bee-ing

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It’s un BEE-lievable how amazingly a hive works to make choices in the best interest of the group. This sustainable and delicious approach is something Scott Jorgensen of Hercules Bees fully incorporates in running his business. After learning to keep … Continued