Craig Wright will try to prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto

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Australian developer and entrepreneur Craig Wright will once again try to prove in court that he is the real inventor of bitcoin, hiding under the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto. The trial that began last week in Florida will help him do just that.

The case, Clayman v. Wright, was brought by the family of the late Dave Clayman, a computer forensics expert and Craig’s partner. The Clayman family accuses Wright of misappropriating 1,000,000,000 BTC and intellectual property rights related to the development of the cryptocurrency. According to the family, Dave acted as a full-fledged co-founder of bitcoin.

Calvin Eyre, a billionaire and friend of Craig Wright, is optimistic, believing that this time it will be possible to find out who the real Satoshi is. Some users also bet on Wright, believing that the Australian really developed the oldest cryptocurrency, and continues the original vision today is not BTC, but BSV.

This year has been a bad year for the coin – BSV has fallen victim to hackers several times, and its support was withdrawn from exchanges Huobi and OKEx.

By the way, in the past Craig himself, though he disputed Dave’s “co-authorship”, but admitted that he and the late programmer Hal Finney did work for him. Hal is known as one of the first users and developers of BTC. It was he who received the first transfer of funds from Satoshi Nakamoto in bitcoin. Also Finney was one of the first employees of PGP, a crypto-development company that was later bought out by McAfee. For his part, John McAfee – who died in custody in Spain – was a strong supporter of Bitcoin, and shortly before his death promised to disclose information that would compromise U.S. authorities.

Curiously enough, the self-proclaimed Satoshi had previously succeeded in having the Bitcoin White Paper on closed in court. At least for UK residents. Read more about this case here. Wright wasn’t able to get himself recognized as the creator of Bitcoin back then. But at the end of the hearings Cobra – an anonymous site administrator – put the developer in a deadlock, offering to pay the court fees through one of the known BTC-addresses of the real Nakamoto.

How do you think the hearings will end this time?

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